This site is here to hopefully help the many people who are fighting Lyme Disease and are looking for a way to conquer it as I have. I feel very fortunate to have found such a simple solution to a very serious disease. A disease I’ve heard from many stating that loved ones have died from and others who are still disabled due to it, and after many years of suffering. This is my story, with hopes of helping others help themselves as I did.

The Severity of My Battle

Considering that I not only contracted Lyme disease but also Q-fever from the same tick. With Q-fever being 10 times more difficult to eradicate. And quite possibly 10 times more deadly! I feel very strongly about speaking out in hopes that this information/experience will help others. And I say this because if I had stayed with what my doctors were having me do, I wouldn’t be here today.

You’ve been invaded by Worms!

Both diseases ensue Spirochete Worms into your bloodstream that multiplies and continue to do damage if not eradicated. The Lyme Spirochete is susceptible to a few antibiotics if administered early enough, within the first few weeks of being bitten, but they are very smart in keeping their distance and eventually becoming immune from several types of antibiotics. They bury themselves under the fascia and into biofilm they create to protect them from antibiotics. they also burl into your joints to get away from the flow of antibiotics in your bloodstream; while feeding and multiplying all the while. Q-fever has fewer antibiotics that it’s susceptible to. Not having to hide as much they stay in your bloodstream where they multiply till they clog your heart valves and do more damage to your immune system from the toxins they excrete. Both these type of worms do extensive damage to your immune system. As they move through your body, they release toxins that attack and kill your immune T-cells. Their name “Spirochete” (Borrelia burgdorferi) indicating a spiral body similar to a corkscrew, that has nettle-like spines sticking out all over. As they move they excrete toxins while they also do damage. The damage is what causes the inflammation, that brings on the pain from swelling. This can be very debilitating and painful. In some of the stories I found those who were not diagnosed properly for many years, their pain turned into neurological problems that attacked brain and motor ability functions. Unable to control movement or think and process information well, loss of memory, and debilitating pain that left them unable to simply move. One was a good friend of my mother, whose husband was continually misdiagnosed for more than 10 years. It wasn’t until it was too late, with irreversible damage to his brain, till he had lost all ability to function did they find he had Lyme disease. Alzheimers was what they were certain he had during all this time due to his continued loss of mental abilities! Apparently, the blood test I found would have saved him if done early on. Still to this day this blood test is not commonly known by most doctors. I’ll provide the link below.

Why you can be Misdiagnosed

In many cases, Lyme disease is misdiagnosed. After two General Practitioner Doctors and one Specialist, I was still being misdiagnosed and had heard from many who had the same story. In my research, I found the reason is this disease shows similarities to about 300 other diseases and is considered the least of the many as a number total per capita, and has been the case for many years. Due to this many General Practitioners don’t have Lyme on their radar. Also, the current standard blood tests are vague at best verifying that Lyme is present. However, in 2016 it was reported that Lyme disease had reached epidemic proportion, now being found in all 50 US states and about 60 other countries.In my case, I had been bitten 6 months before verifying I had Lyme. By then I was in so much pain and had lost a lot of weight, I was getting very concerned about my outcome. At this point I had two different doctors put me on Steroids to help reduce the inflammation. Each time only taking them for one week, of which during those times it did help with the pain and inflammation. However, upon finishing each 5-day subscription, the pain returned ten fold! What this did was only put the worms on Steroids were they thrived even more. Kicked them into gear! This should have been a big red flag letting the doctors have some sense to the fact that steroids were the wrong solution. Three of the doctors had misdiagnosed me stating emphatically that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, and were so certain, they wouldn’t consider what I was telling them to be true. Mentioning, “I was bitten by a tick!”

There is a Better Blood Test

It was then I received information about a new blood test I could do from a friend of a friend. One that most General Practitioners don’t even know about and is not like the current standard the CDC recommends across the country as well as other countries. This new test I did, indicated across all markers that I had Lyme were the traditional blood test, only showed a slight chance of Lyme with only two of the markers showing up as low indicators out of the 10 other markers that didn’t indicate any Lyme.I received this blood test information from someone who now works in a Lyme Disease Institute. She herself, as well as her son both, had Lyme Disease for 4 years and counting at the time she gave me her test. They were both taking liquid antibiotics for the duration, “4 years” as a part of their treatment! They had to go in daily to the Institute for other treatments. That’s serious! Every day for 4 years! Their cost financially was well above my pay grade, so I had to figure these things out and get them happening all on my own. She was able to get well, but her son is still struggling with the disease. I’m mentioning this story, as it is another one of many similar stories I have heard of people struggling for many years with debilitating pain and is another reason for speaking out. If you are reading this and have Lyme or know someone who does, you should begin making this smoothy today!

Antibiotics are Time Sensitive with Lyme

As my treatment continued, almost two months into doing two different antibiotics, and the few natural plant/herbs recommended by the fourth doctor. A doctor that I was lucky enough to find on my health plan in another city from where I live as none in my city took the health plan I’m in or work with Lyme. I was still declining in health. It was on my third visit to this 4th doctor, now 8 months into contracting Lyme/Q-fever, I realized I needed to do more. It was also when I was informed about how bad Q-fever was, and how my heart valves were already clogging as this rare disease is expected to do, causing several miss beats of several seconds, stopping several times each minute. This was further causing lack of energy and the ability to get around. By now I couldn’t lift my hands to my head and was having difficulty walking and getting up out of a chair or in and out of bed without unheard of pain. Every joint in my body now hurt constantly, and even more when trying to move. My bed had my body indented close to the side of the bed as I could just get in and out of. Not being able to lift the covers past my shoulders or turn over on my side or move over out of the indent. My shoulders, wrists, and hip joints hurt too much to utilize them in any movement. I was getting very little sleep due to all the pain. That morning before going in to see the doctor during this third visit, with my 4th doctor, I had done some more research Googling Lyme Disease. It was then I asked my doctor what she thought about “Watermelon”! She hadn’t heard anything about it, and said it couldn’t hurt! I also asked her how much longer would I be taking antibiotics. She said at least six more months and then trying others, perhaps liquid antibiotics beyond that if there was no improvement. But what she failed to mention was the percentages of those who start antibiotics after as little as two weeks from being bitten, how they have little to no help eradicating the worms. They actually do more damage by slowing down your ability to let your body heal itself. And doing so by giving it the correct foods rather than meds that might work!

The Turning Point!

I went home and started Watermelon right away. Within the first week of eating watermelon, I began putting it in a blender with garlic, turmeric, avocado seed, ginger, pineapple, samento tincture, liquid Stevia, and organic lemon/rind/juice/peel, with Total Cherry juice, all in to make a health smoothie. Organic items mentioned here. I began to feel better within a week. Yes, I was now determined to find more as that last visit to the doctor scared the “you know what out of me”. My mom and my brother were also finding things, so I added them all to the mix! Finding all within a week of each other. During this time I had also found Aloe Vera Juice to be at the top of the list helping with inflammation and Lyme with a long list of other health benefits. Aloe is truly a medicine plant! I was scraping out the jell of an organic leaf that I would get from Cephas Gilbert at Cephas Hot Shop: Aloe For Health. Simply, pulling the jell out and blending it with purified water and ice as a separate shake, not adding to the mix of my main shake. Don’t buy bottled processed aloe, but rather use it straight from an organic leaf of Elephant Blue Aloe. Within a month of doing both shakes and replacing my last meal of the day with watermelon, I had continued to get better each day. On my next visit to the doctor, she was totally amazed at my overall outcome! I told her I stopped taking antibiotics within 3 days of finishing the two months. Mentioning they were not helping me, but rather made me feel sicker than I already was, indicated by the last few time they were making me throw up. Then mentioning all the items I was now doing. All natural, and all known for killing the worms or helping reduce inflammation caused by this devastating disease. All found by searching in Google and reading what other doctors mention of their findings.

Heat Benefits

Heat during this time seemed to be very beneficial. As it’s reported that Lyme causes your extremities to feel several degrees colder at times due to lack of circulation. I would wake up freezing, even though I was fully covered. I came across an infrared heating mat that puts heat six inches deep into your body, rather than just on the surface as other heat mats do. As it turns out, the person who turned me onto this had research done by a friend as a Theseus in college that proved an extended time/heat increase of our core temperature of one to two degrees past 40 minutes kills the most virus and parasitic bugs. Apparently, this is big in Eastern Medicine with many of their practitioners over there. I’ve been doing this as well and feel it has helped in time of need. And quite possibly may be a top benefit in fighting the Spirochete worms. It’s our bodies natural defense, as this is why we get fevers with our temperatures going up when we get sick. Link to my friend’s site: Radiant Heat Mat

Couldn’t be Simpler

So from my recent experience battling these two very devastating diseases, I can tell you it was as simple as doing these items I mentioned that began my road to recovery. I can say this with certainty that while I was in the care of the 4 different doctors my health continued to decline, and when I stopped their suggestions and began taking natural foods I then began a rapid increase in health and well-being. And noticeably within a week of starting the shakes! In my opinion, you have nothing to lose, as each is very good for you, even without the disease. And if you buy an infrared heat mat, it’s also good on cold winter nights as well as the possibility of helping with other common colds, flues, and viruses!

Pain Medications

One other thing I feel I should mention is each doctor prescribed different medications to take for the pain. Each was strong prescription meds, and a couple were very strong narcotics. None worked. I preferred the pain over the other bad side effects, but seeing as how none really relieved even a small amount of pain, I didn’t continue taking them past a day or two of testing. It wasn’t until a friend brought me some hemp “Cannabis” tincture that totally removed the pain during use. I would do this before bed so I could get a good nights rest. Apparently, there is something to be said about giving your body a chance to rest, giving it a better chance of healing. During use, the pain was not an issue. I’m glad to hear this drug is now being recognized in some US states for medical purposes. Since then I’ve found research that indicates it has helped many with Lyme Disease and is quite possibly a top defender all to itself. Unfortunately, I can’t put my finger on any one item I did being more beneficial than the next. Mostly because I just wanted to get better ASAP, figuring none could possibly hurt my efforts while adding them all to the mix. I pretty much started all items within a week of each other and continued to do them through the next couple of months.

How you can Help Others

If you need to know the blood test information I found that isn’t being done by many General Practitioners but is in the list of markers they are able to check. On the next page, ABOUT you’ll see another ReviewTrust. That one will indicate a gift “My Blood Test” Upon submitting a review with your story, I’ll send you my blood test info. As it turns out the shake is quite tasty once I figured out replacing the garlic with allicin capsules was actually more effective, tastier, and a lot easier on those around me. I’ve monetized the Amazon links in hopes I’ll be able to do more in getting the word out while helping keep this site going. This will hopefully make a difference in the well-being of others struggling with Lyme Disease. Also, you could help by telling your story here on this site and putting a link to your story to your online address of choice. This will further help get this site seen by those who need help.

The reason why doctors don’t have the help they need to fight this disease,

I found it very disturbing that the CDC, who has a factor in what our health plans do and don’t pay for, doesn’t recognize Lyme Disease as a serious enough disease, no less Q-fever, and indicates this by only allowing max, 2 months of a cheap antibiotics being paid for treatment and a small percentage for the first 3 visits I endured. Anything beyond that they elude it’s all in our heads and quite possibly because depression is one of the many diseases it mimics! But please excuse me, this site wasn’t created to bash our medical doctors or health plans. But rather give those looking for a simple, Do It Yourself, healthy alternative and to inform those who I’m sure are hitting the same brick walls as I did when looking for affordable help with Lyme Disease. Even if done as another regime to add to the other ways you’re already trying, I don’t think any of these items would interfere with your current regime. After all, they are just foods! I know for a fact that if I didn’t find these simple things I would be just another one of the many stories I keep hearing about with severe, chronic, debilitating pain for many years to come, or worse, fatal. As those who knew me saw a very noticeable difference, with some saying they didn’t even recognize me or worse, saying they feared worse to come.


Also, please let it be known, I am not a doctor. In no way am I claiming this can “cure” anyone who tries doing as I did. Everyone’s body is different and may react differently to the same items mentioned. However, unless you are allergic to any of these natural products, I don’t think any of them have any harmful outcomes, but some may need to be taken in moderation. So further research may need to be done. With all the trouble I had trying to find help within our health plan, it seems as if doctors hands are tied behind their backs with too many restrictions, having to follow old laws within the CDC’s restrictions of what they can do, when new discoveries are made each day. And with fear of losing their license. Maybe new ways need to be taught in our medical schools that include nature. Natural organic grown plants as a first course of defense rather than the many processed drugs that come with more bad side effects than the sum of the good. If by chance you happened upon this site and tried doing some or all of what I mentioned, please tell your story, good or bad. Your Story