How I Beat Lyme Disease and Q-fever

Organic Foods Eradicated the Spirochete Worms Caused by Lyme Disease

Here’s the short version. I got bit late October 2015. Didn’t notice the bite location till late November. By December 18th I couldn’t move without intense pain. It took 4 doctors and 5 attempts doing the wrong blood test. The first 3 doctors were certain I had rheumatoid arthritis. It wasn’t until February 5th before finding a better blood test that showed across all markers that indeed I had a very serious case of lyme when the traditional blood test that all 4 doctors did only showed 2 markers of 12 that showed slight chance of.  The first 3 doctors treated me for rheumatoid arthritis by using steroids. This made matters much worse, only making the spirochete worm multiply more rapidly while making the pain more intense.

So because of the time that had lapsed from the day I was bitten to the day I started antibiotics being 4 months, the fourth doctor really shouldn’t have put me on antibiotics as it only made it harder to heal while not killing the worms. If you don’t catch it early, antibiotics don’t have a high rate of benefit. I had been doing antibiotics for two months when I was told that the Q-fever of the lyme had taken hold and multiplied to a deadly serious growth. They were clogging my arteries and my hart was skipping beats several times per minute. Seeing as how my health was declining rapidly and what I was doing wasn’t working I then began to find healthy alternatives that began helping improve my abilities within a week of starting them! I stopped the antibiotics that week, of which the doctor said I would be on the next 6 months to a year! Within a month I had eradicated both Lyme and Q-fever! I continued to do the shakes and foods for the next 6 months to insure all was good while helping with the inflammation and healing from all the damage they had done.

My home page starts with all the foods and benefits. You can download the blood test by clicking on the review. Please leave a review if my information helps you. Then pass the word around so others may benefit. Chances are you will bump into someone suffering from lyme disease. There are about 300,000 case per year with more than 100,000 of those each year never getting rid of the disease. They too could benefit from my findings. Simple Organic Foods to Eradicate Spirochete Worms Causing Lyme Disease.

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